How do we adapt our curriculum to the technologies that kids are already using?

Volunteer Moderator Name and Contact Info:
Laurie Fowler, Assistant Professor of Technology Education
The University of West Alabama

What kinds of technologies do students use now?
iPods, iPhones, iPod Touch
Web Sites
Mash ups of all kinds

Schools in St. Clair County, Michigan, are using blogs, Wikis, Web 2.0, student response systems, MOBIs, Texas Instruments Nspires, digital cameras in writing and to support digital storytelling, online platforms to support learning 24/7 such a Blackboard and Moodle. We are currently collecting survey data from middle school students regarding their perceptions of how their learning is impacted by the use of technology. Over 2000 comments were collected. I'll share as soon as we have data available.

What curriculum should we use?
State standards
NETS for Students
21st Century Skills
Other ideas?